Monday, June 15, 2009

Long Time... NO Posts!!!!

I've been so bad with the postings lately. Sorry guys... Not like there to interesting though. So here's the update:
1.Tony and I love Spokane. Its beautiful... lots to do... plus we're not to far away from family.
2. My brother Kevin got engaged. He's marrying a wonderful girl named Leesa who just happens to live in Washington about four hours away from us. Their getting married in the Portland Temple in August. It will be fun.
3. Brian and Shaune are expecting my first nephew in July. I'm so excited. Now I have two nieces and a nephew. Our family just keeps getting bigger and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
4. Tony and I just celebrated out 2 anniversary. We went to Idaho for four days and spent it with family. Also drove Leesa down to visit Kevin. I'm glad she's ok with weird families.
5. I'm switching positions at work. Right now I'm working in the digital imaging department (I still work for best buy, I sell cameras) but their switching me to Sales Operator, hopefully full time.
6. Tony and I went fishing last thursday... I got completely burned. But Doctor Beckett says I need more sun so I'm trying to be outside more.
7. Went to the Doctor and he put me back on birth control... but he thinks it will help us. I'm on it for two months to see if it will get my body working again. He says my heart looks healthy but my insulin got worse... I just can't win.
8. P90x worked but then I got sick and stopped doing it... Oh well, now I have the fitness channel on demand so I've been working out with those.
9. Tony and I are going to be in Idaho for about a week in July. We decided to save money this time instead of actually going to a vacation spot. His birthday is that week... I'm excited.
10. Ok so I told you that I'm boring... That really has not been anything to exciting going on.... Oh I do golf a lot now with Tony. Still not good but I'm getting there.
Well I'll have some pictures coming soon to put on this and I'll try and do better.