Sunday, May 9, 2010

My sweet husband....

I have the best husband ever. He has been the sweetest guy lately. So last week I was doing a career fair for best buy and he sent me a text saying that we were going on a date tonight and that he would send me little hints on to what we were doing. So that night he told me to close my eyes while he was driving. He walked me up to the place and then told me open my eyes. He got us reservations to the Melting Pot. I must say that is one of the best place to eat. It is expensive but the food was great and the atmosphere was amazing. If you go make sure you plan to spend lots of time there. We were there 3 and a half hours. I do recommend though.

So on top of that today my sweet husband got me a Mothers day gift.
I know I don't have any kids but he was just being a sweetheart. He bought me a DSLR Camera. I am so excited to actually use it and take some pictures. I am so grateful to have him in my life. I have the best hubby ever.