Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life in Spokane

Well... its been awhile. We just got internet on Monday. Let me just say its a lifesaver. Spokane is beautiful with a ton to do. Well soon... once the snow melts and summer is here. Tony and i got to go golfing for the first time in a while. It was 70 degrees outside. Just beautiful... I'm looking forward to more weather like that.

Our new apartment is two minutes away from both Tony and my's work. It makes it easy for us both. In the summer we talked about maybe getting bikes and riding them to work. Save on money. Here's a picture of what we see from our back window. Made me laugh...

Thats right... Furniture row. My dad laughed and told me to get binoculars so I can spy on Tony. LOL!!!!

So tonight we ate at the most wonderful restuarnt.

It was so tasty. I highly recommend it if there is one near you. The best Chinese food we had ever tasted. I recommend the lettuce wraps. Yummy!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

All you need is Love!!!!

So... today Tony flew back to Rapid City. The punk forgot his cell phone charger and of course his phone died so all day I've been extremely worried about him. He finally called me at about 9 to let me know that he made it home. He said oh yeah I've been home for over an hour. What a punkface!!!!
So I was so excited I found this project at one of the craft stores and did it in a couple minutes. Here's a pic!!!
It turned out really cute. Its going to look great in my living room.
Can I just say how stinkin' cute my little sis' is? Well she is!!! Just adorable. She is always giving me hugs and wants to hang out with me. I just love it. I've missed her a ton since we moved away. I'm trying to convince my mom to let her stay with us this summer. It would be such a blast!!!. She is always wanting to take pictures also. Hers some silly ones. I love them.

Silly girl!!!!
This one's cute!!!

Wow... my face looks sick. I have lost a lot of weight but you can't tell in these pictures.
Well time for bed. Got to get up early for some wedding stuff. Have a great night!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok so... here is the crazy time that I've had lately!!!!!

First of all... I just have to say that it is so nice to be around family again. Of course I miss my hubby but its just nice to talk to my mom and hang out with my family. I drove to Idaho last Thursday. Let me just say that was one of the scariest drives I've ever experienced. The roads were icy and I was driving through a snow storm most of the way. At times I couldn't even see. It was complete white outs. I saw a couple cars go off the road and one smashed up car. It was scary. I prayed the whole time that the Lord would protect me from my stupid mistake of driving. I should have just listened to my mom and took a plane. It ended up good and I made it safely 17 hours later. It was only supposed to take me 12. I keep telling myself that it was worth it and so far it seems like it was.

This is in Montana right beforethe big storm.

Sat. My best friend Angella went through the temple. It was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I was so honored. She asked me to be her escort. At the same session my brother Michael went through for the first time also. So it was double for me. It was a very spiritual time for us. Ang looked absolutely beautiful. Her soon to be hubby was so nervous to the point that he was shaking so bad. It was funny (sorry Josh, Tony was shaking too). It was a little hard for me cause Tony wasn't there. I miss him a ton.
Sunday I flew out to Spokane and finally after two weeks of not seeing Tony got to spend two and a half days with him. But that was an adventure. The moment we both landed we checked into our hotel room and then off we were to find housing. That day we must have looked at 5 different places. None jumped out at us. Monday we got up early and headed out again to find housing. This time we probably looked at about 20 different places. Talk about tiring. Well about 4 that afternoon we were on our way to look at another place... this time following a lady to show us a town house. We were in the middle of crossing an unprotected intersection (we had the right a way) this gentlemen who wasn't paying attention ran right into us. Tony saw him and he swerved so that the guy wouldn't hit me. He ended up hitting the back passenger side bending the tire axel and riping off the bumper. He hit us with so much force that we spun in a circle and ended up in the poor old lady's yard.

If you see the tire is completely bent.
Talk about an experience. I've got a pretty nasty bruise on my arm and one on my knee and Tony has a nasty one of one of his knees also. So that pretty much ruined any plans that we had of still looking. It took the tow company over an hour to get to us and we had to go and get another rental car. Oh well though... That's life right? I flew back yesterday afternoon. We settled with a new apartment. Its less expensive then what we're paying right now. By almost two hundred dollars.

The Kitchen Another angle of the kitchen

Dining Room Living Room

Guest Bathroom Spare Bedroom
I flew out at 4pm. Worst flight ever. Really bumpy... Because of the car wreck I'm a little jumpy anyways. I sat though by a returned missionary on the way to Idaho Falls. He was such a nice guy and we just talked about his experience down in Mexico. Scary place... I'm glad that I was in the states some times.
Today was a fantastic day. I threw a bridal shower for Angella. Mom and I did a ton of running around trying to get everything done for it. It turned out wonderful and fun.

Its time for bed... I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. Yeah!!!!!