Saturday, January 2, 2010

Long awaited pictures... New house and other fun stuff that I haven't blogged about

So here the pictures of our house. Sorry they are not up to date yet except my craft room but as soon as I'm done decorating and painting then I will get some better pictures.
On the outside now there is some black shutters that they added for us. Its three bedroom, two and a half bath. Plenty of space for us right now. It feels fantastic not having to pay rent now.

My craft room... I love the color Orange now so I decided to paint my craft room orange with white and yellow as accent colors. Plus it matches all of my disney stuff too. I'm a kid still.

Better picture of the color.

Our Christmas tree... we decided not to do a lot this year just cause we still have a lot to do with the house. We also thought that we would put it upstairs cause we don't have any windows facing the street downstairs. I think it turned out great.

My hubby spoiled me this year for Christmas. If you can't tell I actually started crying while opening this one. I've wanted a Cricut for a while but he also got me a special pink one. I'm such a wimp.
Oh so these next pictures are of our nephew and our nieces. This one is of our stinkin' cute nephew Nicholas Taylor Elkins. He was born in July. He looks so much like my brother. I've got to see him twice so far. He lives so far away so I can't spoil him as much as I would like too.
This little girl is our niece Alekksa Kent Sampson. Both of her parents are good friends of ours and they don't have any siblings so we've adopted her as our own.
This little one isn't so little anymore... she just turned 1 in December. This is Danica Aldridge. This Tony's sister Tina's little girl. She is probably one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. She doesn't cry about anything.And this little one is Alyssa Aldrige... Danica's older sister. She is stinkin' adorable. We went up there about a couple weeks ago and I babysat her. When her mom came to get her she started screaming that she didn't want to go with her that she wanted to stay with aunt mana. It was a huge change because a month before she was afraid of both Tony and I. Got to love little kids. She is turning 3 in Feb. I love them to death. They are all so precious and I'm so blessed to have them in my life even if they are all far away.