Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer post one 2010

Its been forever and I apologize for the delay on a post. Life has been pretty crazy lately with work, life, and musical theater.I don't even remember the last time I posted on my blog or what has happened from then until now. June has been pretty crazy starting with day one. June 2 was our third year anniversary. We decided this year to try and save some money and we went camping.
This is Tony trying to pull out a dead tree for firewood. Lol... it was raining the whole time. It took him an hour just to get the fire started. It was fun though to spend some relaxing time with Tony. Its been a while since we were able to do that. Here are some other pictures of the area that we went to.
The other thing that we've been working on lately is our yard. It was really bad. Weeds has high as my waist.Here is some of the process of what we did...Our new lawn mower!!!!After they were pulled!!!!
Tony and I have been golfing a lot lately also... Don't mind what I look like... Not very attractive. Here are some pics...
The other thing I started this summer was a herb garden and I also planted Gerber daisies. Here is how its going so far. I planted Parsley, Oregano, Basil.